June 15, 2014


Wayne Coyne Talks Miley Cyrus, Being A Freak and Festival Toilets

Bonnaroo with the Flaming Lips and we're talking about... port-a-potties? "There are so many port-a-potties and there's so much to fill them up. It's amazing! It's a war zone of port-a-potties." Frontman Wayne Coyne jokes, but he's not incorrect. The Tennessee festival is massive and there's a lot of poop.

"To me this isn't the music industry," he explained. "It's a whole other world than being on a record label. I think I'm really lucky I grew up in a household with a bunch of brothers and sisters and freaks and their friends and drugs and motorcycles. Music is a part of that but it isn't a way of being alive." Music is powerful in a way that other forms aren't, and Coyne is completely aware of it. "I talk to people all the time and they don't like painting, they don't love movies, they don't love trees, they don't love food but they love music. If you love music, it shows you how to love everything else. to me, it's beautiful. I don't know why anyone would think anything else."

The Flaming Lips are not only musicians—they're also huge music fans, recording covers of legendary pop acts. "In the past we did Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, we did the Stone Roses first record, we did a record by a band called King Crimson. I think there's some sort of sacredness to Pink Floyd and the Beatles but to musicians that's not true. The song "Happy Birthday" is a great thing we all get to share and use but if the guy who wrote it said, 'hey you can't use my song,' what would we do?"

Hard to imagine a world without "Happy Birthday!"

Coyne also expressed his admiration for everyone's favorite (crazy) pop star Miley Cyrus. "You can't be around someone like me or her and not do music. She is absolutely f**king crazy and cool and loves music and loves ideas and loves living. I was really just a fan of what a freak she is! She invited us out to do a song at one of her shows and her show is just amazing. You cannot stand out in that audience and not have the time of your life." Just check out the photos, we get it!

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