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Bonnaroo 2014

Zedd Shares The Secret Behind His Remixes

The german EDM DJ explains how finding the right voice isn't the most important part of writing a hit

German producer Zedd is never short on hits. But how do those singles come to be?

"I don't really care about how a singer sings. There are tons of people who don't technically really well but they give me a lot of emotion," he explains. "I am looking for a singer that gives me character when I hear it."

That's true for all genres... including metal. Zedd has a surprising history with the heavy music that he recalls fondly. "I definitely miss playing instruments live. At this festival in particular, Meshuggah is playing and I remember touring with them in Germany," the DJ divulged. "I love being in total control of everything. In a band there are a lot of opinions." 

No complaints here!

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