July 31, 2014


5 Seconds of Summer Share Super Sentimental Music Video for "Amnesia"

5 Seconds of Summer are back! Full disclosure: there's no nudity and no underwear being thrown around. "Amnesia," the sensible follow-up to "She Looks So Perfect," is a heartbreaking ballad about love gone awry, so of course the video is a bit a downer. 

In the clip, the boys recall past moments of bliss with their loves: stealing mom's station wagon to hit golf balls off a cliff, jumping into swimming pools while fully clothed, going on road trips and water gun fights. You know, real teenager stuff.

It ends like a dream, the boys watching the day dip into the sunset alongside their female friends. Don't worry, fangirls... they don't seem too invested in their cartwheeling counterparts.

Watch the tender vid above!