July 30, 2014


Anberlin Discuss Their Band Breakup, Warped Tour's Past

Anberlin have done Warped Tour in its entirety three times... but not in six years! The music world has changed a lot since then and the guys have taken notice. "[There are] a lot of heavier bands, for sure, then from when we were on it in 2008," bassist Deon Rexroat told Fuse. "A lot of the bands on stage weren't even bands the last time we were on Warped Tour. That's kind of the weirdest thing to me. In the six years since we've done Warped Tour, bands have formed and put out albums."

It's probably a weird feeling, but one Anberlin has come to terms with. This year is their last Warped Tour ever, as the band is breaking up. "I'm surprised we were able to keep five guys together and do seven albums. When I look back on it, it's quite a feat to be together this long considering that I never expected to be able to make a second album after we started," Rexroat added. "You just get to a point where everybody has different lives and you kind of grow and have different aspirations than you did in the beginning. Guys are married. Guys have kids. Not everybody wants to be traveling six, seven, eight months out of the year anymore. They want to be home and live kind of a normal life."

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