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Watch Ariana Grande's "Problem" Sung In 20 Different Musical Styles

Ever wonder how Billie Joe Armstong would sing "Problem"? How about Brandon Boyd? DMX? Now you know!

Ariana Grande's "Problem" is easily one of the biggest songs of the summer—it's totally unavoidable now. When a song becomes that massive, covers are sure to follow. Ten Second Songs decided to try their hand at the jam, covering the hit in twenty different musical styles... of course, in ten seconds.

Expect to hear Grande get makeovers from IncubusVan HalenGreen DayDMXElvisTwista, Barenaked Ladies, Massive Attack, The Mamas and the Papas, Judas PriestJames Brown, Reel Big Fish and more. This man is a talent!

Watch the viral clip above.

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