July 22, 2014


Watch Avenged Sevenfold Help Fan Surprise His GF With Onstage Proposal

Love and metalcore were in the air at a recent Avenged Sevenfold concert. During the Denver stop of Mayhem Festival, the Hail to the King band helped a fan surprise his girlfriend with an onstage proposal during their headlining set. Scroll down for the Facebook video uploaded by groom-to-be Beau Barkley.

Mid-performance, A7X frontman M. Shadows told the crowd he wanted to "try something very cool, very quick." He grabs an unsuspecting "volunteer" watching from the side, Barkley's girlfriend Micah Manzanarez, who's brought in front of the massive crowd. The singer covers her eyes as Barkley runs on stage, ring in hand and gets down on one knee. Shadows removes his hands and ... BAM! A rockin' proposal you'll never forget.

A shocked Manzanarez of course agrees, and is nearly in tears, much to the delight of the crowd.

Barkley captioned his touching Facebook video with "I proposed to my longtime girlfriend Micah Manzanarez during her favorite band Avenged Sevenfold at a sold out show at Red Rocks. After all the hell I have put her through the last few years, I had to do something big to make up for it."

Yeah, we think she's probably forgiven you by now. Congrats to the happy couple.