July 16, 2014


Beebs and Her Money Makers Talk Family & Paul McCartney At Warped Tour

You know Beebs from Warped Roadies, but do you know her super successful ska band? We caught up with the vivacious frontwoman on Warped Tour to learn what it's like going from behind the scenes to front and center at the traveling summer festival.

"There were so many cool experiences that happened," Beebs explained when asked about Warped. "I got to meet my brother for the first time. I was adopted, so we talked on the phone for like, five years. First time I met him, he came to Warped Tour—the Detroit date. It was awesome."

Her band's message is just as free-spirited as she is. "It’s to be yourself, not to care what other people think of you … that you’re happy. I think we all get so caught up in social media—Facebook, Twitter and how many likes do I have. Who cares?"

Her personality is so ripe, it translates to all aspects of the band. "If we’re going to stand out and match our visual image, why not do it musically? Everyone claims they’re the best, who claims they’re the worst?" she probed. "We even asked Paul McCartney! ‘Paul McCartney, what do you think of Beebs and Her Money Makers’ Würst Album Ever?’ and he said ‘No comment.’ He didn’t say ‘No comment,’ but there was no comment."

Sounds like he missed out! Check out all our exclusive content from Warped here.