July 3, 2014


Big Freedia's Sister Crystal Speaks Her Mind

In the latest episode of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, Freedia began to seriously consider buying a new home that she and Mama Vera can share. Although the rapper has yet to make a final decision, she must consider her mother's declining health and how to best be there for her.

"Y'all can't live without each other," sister Crystal tells Freedia, who goes to her for advice.

After viewing two houses on the market, one of which features a separate room in the back that'd be perfect for Vera, Freedia appears more and more convinced that she can adjust her career commitments to fit her mother's needs. However, Crystal seems skeptical about how often Freedia will actually be around the house.

"If I have to leave the club, I can leave the club. That's not a biggie," Freedia states.

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