July 31, 2014


Crunch Time: Team Freedia Gears Up for Final Live Show

The Season 2 finale of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce brought excitement, drama and plenty of tension between certain members of Team Freedia, who arrived in Los Angeles for their biggest week yet.

In addition to shooting her "Explode" video, Big Freedia worked tirelessly with her crew to prepare for her huge live show at LA's Echoplex. "I'm excited, I'm scared, I'm nervous—all at the same damn time," the bounce star said.

In this exclusive web extra, the Shake Team members hit the studio with Berto and Freedia for one final rehearsal before the big night. But frustrations arise when they start to lack focus and get sloppy.

"We are in the ninth inning," Berto tells Team Freedia. "I know you're tired; we're all tired. But it's time to pull together."

Watch Fuse's exclusive outtake above, and check out Big Freedia's "Explode" video below! Find more web extras from Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce at fuse.tv/bigfreedia.