July 16, 2014


Watch Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Host Ridiculous, Fake Telethon

Bleachers, the new project from fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, dropped its debut album Strange Desire yesterday, and the frontman/guitarist went with a pretty unusual promotion plan. Instead of going the typical route with morning and evening talk show performances and appearances, Antonoff hosted a fake telethon instead!

According to Billboard, the singer filmed what was meant to look like the final half hour of a 24-hour telethon (aka the part where everyone's really tired and over it) and had it broadcasted over actual cable access channels. Lena Dunham's BF hosted the shindig, but also played a slew of new tracks off Strange Desire, including Bleachers' debut single "I Wanna Get Better."

Watch above for a ridiculous half-hour of "television" that kicks off with a mustached man dancing in mouse ears. Cheers star George Wendt drops in for an interview where he's asked to make a donation (and doesn't) and Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat plays a ventriloquist toting a foul-mouthed puppet ... who's actually a person.

It's all in great, awkward fun, and we applaud Antonoff for the creative marketing plan. This is the dude who announced his album on Craigslist, so we wouldn't have expected anything less.