July 16, 2014


Breathe Carolina Talk Miley Cyrus, Band Name Origins and More at Warped Tour

Breathe Carolina represent the drop-savvy edge of the Warped Tour lineup in 2014, and the rock/EDM hybrid act took a break backstage to dish about origins, band names and how they share common ground with Miley Cyrus.

Wait, what? Yup, that Miley, the one and only: turns out Breathe Carolina released a mix tape entitled Bangerz a few months before the pop star revealed the name of her most controversial record and tour yet. Could they have possibly come in like a "Wrecking Ball" and influenced her latest? Both Luis Bonet and Tommy Cooperman agree: "I would love to think that!"

Warped is becoming more EDM-friendly year after year, and the electronic stylings of the duo fit right in with its sonic landscape. Breathe Carolina—who got their name from a dream David Schmitt had about saving a girl named Carolina and calming her down mid-rescue—hasn't always been split between two genres. "The band started out as electronic music," Bonet tells Fuse. "It was started on Garage Band. There were no other instruments besides computers and synthesizers anyway."

As for Savages, their latest full-length (and the anchor for most of their Warped set), Cooperman says that their live show inspired the musical direction of the record. "We just captured what we do live. Before this album, I think we're the only group out here that has drops in between our songs. We kind of just figured, well, let's just do that on the CD, make our own drops in the middle of the songs. That's kind of what happened."

Given how rad their live show's become, it's easy to see why they've moved in that direction! Watch our exclusive chat with Breathe Carolina at Warped Tour above.