July 31, 2014


Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Share "Avalanche" Duet Details

Earlier this month Demi Lovato teased a studio photo on Instagram with the caption, "Recorded a KILLER duet today.... Can you guess who it was with???" Well, the mystery is over! Today the youngest Jo Bro, Nick Jonas, shared some details on their upcoming collaboration, "Avalanche."

In an interview with MTV, Nick explained that the song is a love song, but one between friends. (Probably a good thing, too, seeing as Demi used to date his brother, Joe.) "She and I recorded a song that I think is beautiful. It’s not necessarily a love song. It’s so easy to do a duet that’s a love song because our relationship isn’t really that. But there is love there for a friend, you know, and it’s beautiful to just talk about," the singer said. "Any kind of relationship can hit a point where if it's not stable, if it's not secure, then it's like an avalanche crashing down. That's what that song is about."

Exciting stuff! Check out the full interview above and listen to the full song below: