July 21, 2014


Donald Faison Talks Best Friend Zach Braff's "Melancholy" Music Taste

Known for their friendship both on and off-screen, Scrubs co-stars Donald Faison and Zach Braff team up once again in Wish I Was Here, the highly anticipated follow-up to Braff's breakout directorial success, Garden State. When asked what it was like to work with his BFF on his latest project, Faison had nothing but positive feedback.

"When Scrubs was over, we remained best friends," the 40-year-old explained. "I loved working with Zach; it's easy. He's a great director—he's an actor's director. He's an actor, so because of that, his communication with other actors is amazing."

But while he and Braff are on the same page when it comes to filming, they differ on music preferences. "He likes that type of music that has a lot of melancholy," Faison said when describing Braff's soundtrack choices. "I'm into stuff that gets it started."

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