July 2, 2014


Echosmith Talk Warped, Women & Their Acoustic EP

In this Fuse exclusive, we catch up with Echosmith at the 20th anniversary of Warped Tour to discuss the festival, women and their latest EP.

Frontwoman Sydney Sierota took the lead, describing Warped Tour as almost a familial experience. "Warped is cool because it’s a community. You meet so many people and you can make so many great friends. I have friends now that I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life! Whether they live five minutes from me or a lot longer than five minutes. It was really cool just to make so many friends, especially with the fans, too. You get to talk to them and have real conversations. It’s just really cool how much of a community it is."

When asked if her brothers in the band are defensive about Sydney's role as one of the few women on Warped, she replied, "I don’t think they’re too worried about me. I think they get worried about my surroundings some times! I know how to handle myself. I think I’ve learned what to say and what not to say. Go for the high-five!"

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