July 2, 2014


Falling in Reverse Say Third Album Is "Heavier With a '90s Rock Feel"

With two Top 20 albums to their name, post-hardcore outfit Falling in Reverse are ready to shake things up on their forthcoming third album. On the ground at Warped Tour 2014, Fuse caught up with the five-piece who say their new sound will "turn heads."

"It's nothing like the last album," singer Ronnie Radke says. "It's hard to explain. The metal stuff is really, really gnarly—way more progressive, way heavier. And there's a '90s rock feel to it." Hey, that description's enough to get us hyped.

FIR also waxed on what makes America's longest-running touring fest special. "[Warped Founder] Kevin [Lyman] really taps into what's current, what's modern and it makes for a good festival," the guys say. "There's 100 bands every day. You might have not heard some of the bands, but you know some of the bands, too. The whole experience is to get something new."

Watch the full interview above and don't miss all of Fuse's Warped Tour coverage right here.