July 18, 2014


Watch: Grumpy Cat Performs The Most Adorable Song of Summer

Move over, Iggy Azalea5 Seconds of Summer and Demi Lovato—there's a new contender for song of the summer! The testy Tardar Sauce, better known at Grumpy Cat, has shared "Cat Summer" alongside other famous internet felines Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat and his buddy Klaus. It's all power pop-punk—tons of palm-muted power chords and ascending melodies. 

Even the chorus is diabetes-inducingly sweet, "It's a purrfect cat summer / Can't you hear our meows / You don't want to be left over." We hear ya, Grumpy!

It's gets better: The song was produced by Friskies for a good cause. The cat food company will donate one meal to a cat in need for every view the video receives, up to one million, until September 1. Oh, and the donations will be made in the name of dearly departed Colonel Meow. What are ya waiting for? Press play!