July 9, 2014


Watch Haim Get Schooled By SNL's Vanessa Bayer

No one is safe. Sound Advice, the new web series from Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer, has the comedian playing the ridiculous (and ridiculously out-of-touch) media coach Janessa Slater. In the past, she's tormented Drakefun.The WantedTegan & Sara (you got to see her advice on how "Closer" could have been better) and more with awful music industry advice, usually in an amusing and insulting way.

Today it's all about the Haim sisters. Danielle, who is too sick to show up, becomes the butt of Bayer's running joke, but don't worry—Este and Alana don't let her get away with it. In the clip, Bayer jokes that Haim means “She who parts hair in the middle,” gives Este alternative bass face options and offers up them unsolicited feedback on their song lyrics. Let’s just say they it’s a good thing they don’t listen.

Watch the hilarious interview above!