July 28, 2014


HyunA Brings Incredible Rapping, Twerking Skills to "Red"

We spent all last week anticipating HyunA's new single, "Red," and now that it's finally here, we can confirm it did not disappoint. The "Gangnam Style" starlet is back with a blazing new track and video that spotlights her best talents.

Like most K-pop tracks, "Red" is a hodgepodge of different genres. The single opens with an EDM-like buildup before moving into its hip hop beat as Native American yelps, wonky synths and a Middle Eastern dance breakdown all make their way into the track. HyunA's rapping faster than ever, but she also sings her way through the poppy pre-chorus, making sure there's a little something for everyone in "Red."

And like past vids "Ice Cream" and "Bubble Pop!," her latest vid is poised for viral success. It's another sexy visual, but HyunA looks more confident and comfortable in her skin. The 22-year-old is spanking dudes in Speedos and hitting the splits, and she whips out twerking skills that would make Big Freedia proud. There's even a scene where she's wearing a monkey instead of a shirt. Yeah, you need to watch this video now.

There's no doubt Psy is currently reigning as the king of K-pop, but we're wondering if his "Gangnam Style" co-star HyunA could break out further to become the scene's queen. With "Red" already snagging nearly a million YouTube views less than 24 hours after its premiere, we think she's well on her way.