July 9, 2014


Issues Throw Top 40 & Hardcore Into The Mix At Warped Tour

Issues aren't your normal Warped Tour band. Sure, they're heavy, but they refuse to be pigeonholed into one genre. We caught up with the band at the fest this year to talk about their previous Warped experiences and just how they honed their unique sound.

"We were on Warped for two weeks last year," says vocalist Tyler Carter. "We’ve actually played it with our old band so we’re pretty familiar. Last year was just a taste, because we were writing our new record, so this year we came full force for the whole tour. It was our first full-length. We wanted to call it Issues, because with our EP, it was just kind of a taste, and we didn’t have a full band at the time. It was just kind of a project."

It may have taken some time to define what it is they're all about, but their perfect blend of pop and metalcore is what makes them so intriguing and a perfect fit for the Warped lineup. Synth player Ty Acord explains, "Me and AJ [Rebollo, guitar] really like heavy, really groovy, nasty, heavy stuff. So does Michael [Bohn, vocals.] Tyler is a very capable writer and singer, so why not just go full-force? He writes ... straight up pop songs. Why not let him use all of his talent writing that stuff, making all of our hooks all the way catchy, not just kind of catchy?" 

Carter agrees. "My vision for the band was more to be just, like, innovative. I mean, people don’t get anywhere these days if they don’t take risks." So true!

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