July 9, 2014


Less Than Jake Reflect On Their Warped Tour Legacy And More

Less Than Jake are Warped Tour OGs at this point, and they're thrilled to be back at what's been their summertime home away from home since 1997. Having played the festival for three decades now, Less Than Jake hold the title for Band That's Played Warped Tour More Than Any Other Band, with their 365th Warped set coming up in West Palm Beach, Florida on July 26.

"I've actually spent one year of my life on Warped Tour!" LTJ's Chris DeMakes tells Fuse. "That's just counting the shows, not to mention all the days off and the travel days ... so, probably a year and two months of my life on this tour." That's a long time full of mosh pits, sun burns and joy, and the guys love every minute of it. As for the greatest success story at Warped? Chris is claiming that title for his band, too: "Probably us, in the fact that Kevin (Lyman, Warped Tour creator) still invites us here to play!"

Chris and bassist Roger are particularly stoked to play "Do The Math," their latest single off last November's See The Light, on this round at Warped. According to Roger, the song's got a lasting appeal that'll survive outside of the festival. "It's a groovy summer tune, so if you like reggae, you should get your mom to listen to it! She'll probably like it, too." We don't doubt that for a minute.