July 25, 2014


Luke James Talks Directoral Debut, 'Purple Rain' and Identifiying With Wolves

R&B up-and-comer Luke James has toured with Beyonce, sung backup for Tyrese and is now on the verge of releasing his self-titled debut full-length, something he couldn't be more excited about. "I’m feeling pretty solid about the album," he told Fuse. He's not giving away anything just yet, "It’s like a movie, wait until it comes out."

His latest single from the record, Options, reflects his love life. "I have had to exercise my right to have an option. When you’re in this world of dating you meet different people all the time," he told Fuse. "You have to make a choice—what kind of crazy are you willing to deal with?"

Good question! For James, it's the same mentality that inspired him to make his directorial debut with the music video for the song. "It was an awesome experience just to be able to express myself fully," he said. "It was a bit scary just because I’m in front of the camera and I gotta be behind the camera, but I’m pretty confident now. I’m looking forward to doing more videos and directing them." 

The singer is dedicated to hard work, just like his spirit animal, the wolf. "I connect with the wolf’s ability to be a team player, a leader and also a loner," he admitted. "That’s mainly how I connect to the wolf. When I was young I asked God to turn me into a wolf. I promised that I would be the best wolf ever. It’s funny, my name, Luke, in some countries, actually means 'wolf.'"

His bizarre, artistic vision can be linked back to Prince (who he has since had the honor of performing with), specifically Purple Rain. "That movie and that soundtrack alone was brought to me at a perfect time in my life where I was just really becoming and learning more about music. The freedom in that album and that movie—to be who you are and to be yourself no matter how weird—it showed me that."

Watch the exclusive interview above! Then check out the music video for "Options" below.