August 19, 2014


Fuse Favorite: Watch Meghan Trainor on Fuse All Week

Almost out of nowhere, Meghan Trainor's doo-woppy, body-positivity anthem "All About That Bass" (below) has taken the country by storm. The track's been lodged at the No. 1 slot on iTunes for days and just last week soared into the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in a month's time. See how the 20-year-old stunner is taking in her breakaway success in our in-depth interview above.

"It's like a movie I'm watching, it's not real," the Nantucket native says of her quick rise. "When they tell me, 'No, this is your song. And you're killing it.' I just tear up ... I love Ariana Grande and Iggy, they're killing it. And to be next to them, like, I was next to Jessie JNicki and Ariana on that new song ["Bang Bang" on the iTunes charts]. I was like, 'Mom! What do you mean?!' [Laughs] Girl power! I'm right under them. I was like, 'How?!' It's crazy."

And a slew of support has come for Trainor's hit that declares "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top."

"I have a lot of girls send me selfies and they tag me in it," she singer explains. "They say, 'I used to hate myself, I used to get bullied, I didn't want to go to school. Then your song came on and I burst into tears.' They said they danced around, they were so happy and they just thank me. I'm reading this like, 'Who's this for?!' That's amazing that one song can do that."

Get the scoop on more of Trainor's songs with the interview above, which offers up details about her forthcoming album, plus the "All About That Bass" video shoot, her most supportive fans and loads more.

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