July 7, 2014


Watch Miley Cyrus Resurrect Her VMA Performance During 'Bangerz' NBC Special

When NBC first announced they would air a Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour special, it was met with skepticism—no one was totally sure why the program was planned. The tour was no where near complete, and the 2-hour special was filmed in Spain and Portugal instead of, say, Los Angeles or New York. 

There are probably real financial reasons for it: you see the show, you want to go to the show ... and Miley knows how to put one on! In "We Can't Stop," Miley brought back her floating cat head and now-infamous foam finger from the VMAs. She did an Americana-tinged cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya," bleeding into "Jolene" while wearing a shirt dress with her own face on it. Basically everything you'd expect from her, and so much more!

All performance aside, the program had Miley at her most vulnerable, offering advice on grief (specifically regarding the passing of her beloved puppy, Floyd), being different, challenging standards of beauty and more. Powerful stuff. Check out some of the program below.