July 7, 2014


'Orange Is the New Black' Cast: Would Rihanna Or Nicki Minaj Run Prison?

Anyone who's watched Netflix series Orange Is the New Black knows its cast members would recognize a prison boss if they saw one. It got us wondering about which of our beloved pop divas could run the yard in an all-female prison. So we asked the experts who'd be the bigger prison boss: Rihanna or Nicki Minaj?

Natasha Lyonne, aka the bold-mouthed, former drug addict Nicky, instantly chooses her Minajesty. "Rihanna's almost porcelain," she explains. "Nicki Minaj would be like, 'This! Is! My yard!'...Rihanna's pretty tough, I just think she would have a crew to do her dirty work for her. But I think Nicki Minaj can actually get in there."

OITNB's lead male Jason Biggs also decides Minaj, but is almost swayed when fellow star Laura Prepon reminds him that "Rihanna might have picked up some tips from Chris Brown."

"That is true actually," he adds. "She's clearly tough, but I'm going to stick with Nicki."

See what other OITNB stars like Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, Matt McGorry and more thought on the Nicki vs. Rihanna debate in the interview above. Then give us your thoughts in the poll below.

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