July 16, 2014


Premiere: Real Friends' "I Don't Love You Anymore" Video is Full of Emo Animals

Real Friends are hot. Literally.

The Chicago pop-punk quintet have been out on the blistering Vans Warped Tour all summer long, and they've dropped three new songs from their upcoming album, Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing, over the past two months. You can check out the music video for their new single "I Don't Love You Anymore" exclusively on Fuse.tv above!

Out 7/22, Maybe This Place Is The Same... is proving to be be one of the most buzzed-about pop-punk albums this year. It was named one of our most anticipated records of the summer, and we noted that the time is ripe for Real Friends to take over the genre's collective attention. That's exactly what "I Don't Love You Anymore" suggests they're going to do. 

The song is one of the more memorable in Real Friends' young career so far, with frontman Dan Lambton working the grit in his vocals during the catchy chorus: "I'll keep sleeping sideways in my empty bed to fill up the lonely space / I'm just a kid with too much lonely space."

"I Don't Love You Anymore" doesn't stray far from the expected range of emo-tinged pop-punk (the bridge delivers a climax of "I spent too many years thinking about somebody that doesn't even think about me"), but the song manages to stick in your head past the first listen—and the video plays a big role in that. 

Director Eric Teti (Man OverboardModern Baseball) told Fuse, "Lyrically, there's a story that a lot of kids can relate to, even if their experiences aren't identical. I wanted to find a way to display that, but not single anyone out. With the use of the masks, the experience of heartbreak isn't typecast to only a handsome guy and a supermodel girl. It's shown as something that happens to all of us. Much like Real Friends' music, the masks add a little bit of fun to an unhappy situation."

Real Friends are on Twitter and Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing is available for pre-order