July 21, 2014


Robyn and Röyksopp "Do It Again" with Epic Music Video

Love is a revolutionary thing, and that's definitely the sentiment Robyn and Röyksopp embrace in the black-and-white cinematic video to go along with their equally powerful collaboration, "Do It Again."

Keeping with the monochromatic vibe they worked with "Sayit," Robyn and Röyksopp join (or fall victim to) an angry mob that swells over the cobblestone streets of a village in the dead of night. It's unclear at first what everyone's up in arms about and why smoke bombs are getting thrown into crowds of dancing people. Elsewhere, a bedridden woman is fitted with a vintage foot brace and regains her strength over the course of the building track, walking towards a bright light in an otherwise empty hallway. And through it all, Robyn sports a rope as though it were an ill-fitting necklace, a look that mirrors the protective sheath hiding the statue a group of townspeople are seemingly trying to hide (or make away with) as chaos erupts down the street.

In short: it's one epic music video that's got a lot going on, but the timeless vibe, gorgeous photography and stunning performances from all involved make for a must-watch experience.