July 25, 2014


Watch Rumer Willis' Bizarre, Sexy Parody of Ariana Grande's "Problem"

Maybe she heard about "Weird Al" going No. 1

Actress/socialite Rumer Willis teamed up with a crowd of hunky beefcakes to parody Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's "Problem." Their reinterpretation, titled "SPF," is a timely PSA about the importance of slathering on sunscreen in the summer.

With loads of pertinent tanning tips, two of Wills' friends handle Ariana's belt-heavy verses ("No matter what kind of complexion, you need protection / And it's true") and Iggy's rap section ("There's a million-way-too-many victims of the sun / This SPF 99, so I won't be one, like what"). Meanwhile, Willis handles Big Sean's whisper section, advising to "Rub that SPF on / You gotta rub that SPF on."

While it's a relatively wholesome topic to sing about, the video is chock full of bizarre moments and sexual innuendos. Watch as bikini-clad Willis & Co. gyrate throughout the track, pose with a billboard for Grande's new album cover and squirt sunscreen all over each other's bods.

All in all, it's a fun reminder to stay safe in the sun this summer. And all the eye candy doesn't hurt either.