July 9, 2014


Let Signal City's "Fortune" Soundtrack Your Summer Night Out

From Bastille and Fitz and the Tantrums to The Neighbourhood and KONGOS, the alternative scene has been chock full of promising bands breaking past their core rock audience—and we've got another rising act we predict will be racing up the charts soon. Meet Signal City and get instantly addicted to their new single "Fortune," premiering above exclusively on Fuse.

The Los Angeles quintet open their latest with a Passion Pit-esque, vocoder-infused "ma ma ma" hook that soon gets mixed with electric guitar shreds for full-on rock blended with a tasteful hint of EDM. The verses are gusto-punched, positive mantras ("If we close our eyes, we will always find sanctuary when we're blinded") sure to get any listener hyped up. Meanwhile, the simple, jolting chorus is reminiscent of anthemic alt hits, like fun.'s "Some Nights" and "We Are Young," putting the boys in very good company.

"The song is about how we try to figure out our future and how we will never know the outcome," Signal City's rhythm guitarist/vocalist Cameron Boyer tells Fuse. "When we were writing the song we really wanted to talk about our experience in the band. We've been through hard times and have lost good members to other things. It's been hard, but we always stick with it. And we ride on a belief that we WILL make it. That's how we came up with the verse lines ... this is a song that puts our experience in the band in a nutshell."

The accompanying video follows a curious girl who quickly bores of a night out with her friends—and then she ends up at a party with the Signal City boys. The attractive quintet stay fairly hidden in the dark for most of the video as they rock out on a sparsely-lit rooftop, but look out for the guys during the house party scenes.

Signal City have already caught the eyes of Simon Katz, of Youngblood Hawke fame, who produced the band's self-titled EP which is coming out this summer. With several major labels already expressing interest, we don't think it will be long before we see these dudes hanging at the top of the charts.