July 15, 2014


TeeFlii Talks Debut Album, Working with 2 Chainz & DJ Mustard and More

Some people find their way into the music industry. TeeFlii was born into it. "My auntie sang [for] Elvis Presley; my grandma sang for Barbara Streisand," the singer/rapper told Fuse. "My mom [and] her brother sing, play the organ, drums … my whole family can do something musically-inclined."

Their influence must have rubbed off on him, because the singer/rapper has found himself working with some of the biggest names in the business, including 2 Chainz on the song "24 Hours." "I wanted him to be inspiring on the track, and that’s what he did. He got off. I was surprised when I saw it, too. When I heard it I was like, 'Yeah, this dude is crazy.' He’s by far one of the best, too. That dude is sick though. He’s tight."

The track came from a pretty intimate place, but 2 Chainz was able to put his spin on the tune. "'24 Hours' started as a beef with a girl that I was dealing with," TeeFlii reflects. "She was complaining about me spending time with her, so I was like, one day I’ll just chill up, play the game, make her cook, you know, just chill around the house. It came to my head while I was recording another song for my album."

The result is STARR, the musician's first full-length record. "I didn’t try to get too deep, but I did get deep. I like to see where my own mind can go, first and foremost. This is my first album. It’s time for me to step out and give it a shot. I believe in myself. I want a Grammy, man! I want Grammys ... This is gonna wake you up, for sure." 

We don't doubt it! Watch the full interview above.