July 30, 2014


The Devil Wears Prada Talk Religion & Warped Tour's Endless Reign

The Devil Wears Prada are no strangers to Warped Tour, and they have their fans to thank for it. 8:18, named after a Bible verse, is the band's latest record, and it's the reason they're able to join the traveling punk rock summer camp. "It's our fifth full-length record and it's cool to be able to write music and change it and evolve and continually have support from the fans," bassist Andy Trick told Fuse.

They also have their faith, which keeps them going even while on the road for months at a time. "I feel a general disconnection when I leave for tour. It's definitely a part of the struggle. It can be tough, losing your community and home which has grown into a bigger part of my faith. You do lose that and there's no way to connect with it as far as internet and all that stuff," vocalist Mike Hranica stated. "I've always had my faith and have known how to deal with it. I'm always trying to do better. I think spending time by myself helps."

It's not all hardships and that's what keeps them—and the crowd—coming back to Warped. "[Warped Tour] just has a certain reputation of being something people do every summer... it's got that built into it. I think they do a great job of staying current as far as what acts are on it. Whether or not people agree with who is on Warped Tour, there's always tons of people here so Kevin [Lyman, festival founder] knows what he's doing as far as booking bands," Trick continued. "There's always a consistency that I think a lot of other tours don't really have: everyone knows what to expect every single year. It's always the same but it's always different enough so that people come back every year. They're doing it right."

And how!

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