July 30, 2014


Watch The Roots Hilariously Flip Out Over A Terrifying 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer

Last week the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer dropped and caused quite a stir. It's sultry, it's sexy, and above of, it's completely controversial. What could make it more of a talking point? A dash of horror, of course.

That's exactly what Jimmy Fallon did on a recent episode of The Tonight Show, much to the surprise to Questlove and some of his Roots bandmates. He told the audience, "We asked each of them to watch it so we could tape their reactions. But here's the catch: You know those scary faces that sometimes can pop up in YouTube videos? We added one of those to the trailer." 

You can imagine the screams and smiles that followed. Watch the hilarious clip above.