July 15, 2014


Aubrey Peeples Reveals Her Ideal Musical Kidnapper

We all have that one band or artist whom we dream of spending just a few moments with, and Aubrey Peeples is no different. When asked which performer she wouldn't mind being kidnapped by for a life on the road, the Nashville and Rage actress reveals that, despite being just 20 years old, she'd love to become a roadie for 64-year-old Tom Waits.

"His lyrics are terrifying sometimes, and I feel like I would just like to see his thought process a little bit," she explains to Fuse host Katie Van Buren, who immediately deems Waits a "mellow kidnapper."

But as for more current performers, Peeples clearly has an eclectic taste—old school funk/soul, southern roots rock and pop-punk.

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