July 30, 2014


Watch 'Step Up' Actor tWitch Give Fuse Hosts a Dance Lesson

Brace yourselves for yet another epic choreography showdown via Step Up All In, the fifth installment of the popular dance film series hitting theaters August 8. Actor and hip hop dance guru Stephen "tWitch" Boss stopped by Top 20 Countdown to chat about his return as Jason, a science geek with a knack for dance battles.

"What separates this movie from the other ones is that it's about the struggles of pursuing a professional career in dance," he explained, noting that previous Step Up films didn't cross into pro career territory. "This is what happens after you win a big contest or after you get a big gig and...actually try to pursue it."

tWitch's character moves to Los Angeles on a Nike deal before realizing not all that glitters is gold. Deciding that he needs to gamble a bit in order to live his pro career dreams, he heads to Las Vegas to compete in a reality show competition.

After giving a brief rundown of his role, tWitch switched gears and revealed not only his go-to summer dance anthem, but also his crazy "wild arms" move—which seemed to have slightly alarmed host Esteban Serrano.

But the clear highlight of the interview was tWitch's attempt to teach host Katie Van Buren a certain move that she hasn't been able to lock down, despite help from Esteban.

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