July 30, 2014


Adrian Marcel Reveals the Craziest Thing He's Done at "2AM"

With his sexy single "2AM." burning up the airwaves, one has to wonder—what sort of late-night activities does Adrian Marcel get into?

The rising R&B singer sat down with host and musician Bridget Kelly on the set of Trending 10 to discuss his upcoming debut LP, as well as reveal a bit of his "2AM." persona. After being grilled about the craziest thing he's ever done at that hour, Marcel recalled one particular incident involving a beautiful girl at a club.

"I wanted to take her out of the club. She told me her place wasn't that far; it happened to be about 30 minutes away. By the time we got there, I fell asleep," he admitted. "That's pretty crazy at 2AM when you got a plan in your head!"

The Oakland native also played a round of "2AM or Nah?" (spoiler alert: he prefers parking lots over White Castle) before discussing the vibe of his highly anticipated debut album, which he described as "ratchet soul."

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