July 22, 2014


Weird Al Realized His Career Potential While Working in a Mailroom

Weird Al may have released his 14th studio album this week, but the famous parodist comes from humble beginnings as a mailroom employee—a day job that he had kept even after signing his first record deal.

"They don't give you a pile of money when you sign to a record deal, usually; they wait to see how you do," he explained to Top 20 Countdown host Esteban Serrano. "So I kept my day job. Part of my job is to go to the post office and pick up the mailbag. So I bring it back to work, and there's a Billboard magazine sticking out of the top...and I'm there on the Hot 100."

Realizing that he had actually charted, Weird Al had plenty of reason to put in his two weeks notice. Fast forward a couple of decades, and he's become the best-selling comedy recording artist in history.

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