July 15, 2014


"Weird Al" Yankovic Does His Best Robin Thicke Impression with "Word Crimes"

UPDATE (7/20): Watch Weird Al's just-unveiled video for "Lame Claim to Fame," that name drops Kim Kardashian, Jonah Hill and more.

"Weird Al" Yankovic has put a goofy spin on everything from Michael Jackson's "Bad" to the genre-defining grungy output of Nirvana, and Robin Thicke has now been added to his roster of off-kilter muses with "Word Crimes."

"Word Crimes" is less about getting girls and more about getting your grammar right. The track rips the undeniably catchy bass line and melody from "Blurred Lines" while lecturing the listener on speaking "proper English" while avoiding quotation marks for emphasis and keeping who vs. whom straight.

"Word Crimes" is the first track we've heard from Mandatory Fun, Al's latest album and his fourteenth collection of poppy parodies. We've done our best to guess which hits will receive Al's slapstick touch on Mandatory Fun, so this snippet of "Word Crimes" will hold us over until we get our hands on the full version (and his take on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"!) until the record's out on July 15.

Don't miss Al's hilarious video for "Tacky," a parody of Pharrell's "Happy," co-starring Jack Black, Margaret Cho and other all-star comedians.