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Exclusive Interview

Weird Al Names the One Album Everyone Should Own

Besides his own 'Mandatory Fun' LP that dropped last week, the famous parodist recommends this "semi-obscure" album

Weird Al is back with his 14th studio album packed with hilarious remakes of this year's biggest chart-toppers. After dropping Mandatory Fun on July 15, the king of parodies revealed to Top 20 Countdown host Esteban Serrano the one "mandatory" album that fans should check out.

His "semi-obscure" pick? Life in the Foodchain, the 1979 release from rock performer Tonio K.

"If you're a fan of bizarre rock music, I highly recommend it—it contains one of the only songs that I know where Joan of Arc raps in French," the musician-comedian explains, referring to the Chicago-based indie rock group.

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