August 11, 2014


AJR On "Spoke-Step," Tweeting at Sia and Identifying With Famous Brother Bands

When the Met brothers are at home and hanging out in their living room, they're not watching TV or playing video games or just hanging out. They're making music, and Adam, Jack and Ryan's indie-pop musings have caught the ears of some big-name musicians with their explorations in spoke-step.

Wait, huh? Spoke-step, a genre of their own creation, is basically a quirky development they came across when writing one afternoon, and a solid example of this would be their own "Woody Allen."

"Spoke-step is actually a riff on the idea of dubstep," Adam explains. "Dubstep is taking a bass line and stretching it out and messing it up in production. We thought, because we were doing it in our living room, why not do something crazy and out of the box? We decided to take vocals and stretch [them] out and mess them up and make it crazy. We found something that we hadn't really heard before on any record, so we decided to call it spoke-step."

Check out this Fuse exclusive to learn more about AJR's adventures in genre creation, brunching with Sia, why they identify with the Beach Boys and more.