August 18, 2014


American Authors Talk Tiesto, Touring with OneRepublic & Echosmith

American Authors seem to be on the road to mainstream success, but its been a bumpy one. "With our music, it does have this very positive feel and message to it, but believe it or not, when we wrote most of these songs, especially 'Believer' and 'Best Day of My Life,' we were actually at one of the lowest points in our musical career," singer Zac Barnett tells Fuse. "When we really had nothing left, we were out of money. We were all sharing a tiny little apartment. We were at such a low place, [our music] was our way of inspiring one another and being able to see that light at the end of the tunnel, to push through these hard times and really go after our dreams."

They have EDM mastermind Tiesto to thank for much of their newfound success. The DJ remixed their single "Believer," making the song accessible to those who wouldn't normally hear it. "We've developed this really cool relationship with Tiesto, where I sing on his title track, 'A Town Called Paradise,' and then in return, because we started that bond, he remixed our song," Barnett continues. "We've had a bunch of remixes done. It's awesome. We love EDM and we love electronic music. To see our music translate over to that scene is incredible."

American Authors haven't only caught the attention of Tiesto. Fellow pop-rock bands OneRepublic and The Script are onboard and have taken the guys on tour. "It's pretty cool to be on this tour with OneRepublic, and also The Script, because we're always jamming and coming up with new ideas," the singer says. "We've definitely seen some of their musical styles being pulled into our music. It's not like this is the first time we've ever been inspired by either one of those bands. Even when we first started playing music together, seven years ago back in college, we were influenced by both of those groups. Now, just because we hear it every single day, you listen back to the demos and go, 'Oh that's totally OneRepublic-esque right there!' We're always putting our own fresh spin on the music."

They know the power of a good opening slot, which is why they've asked young up-and-comers Echosmith to join them on the road this fall. "We've been big fans of Echosmith for a while, and we've done a few shows here and there, like festivals and radio shows," he says. "When it came time to find an opener they were definitely [a band] we were really excited about. They're going to be joining us on a bunch of the dates. Nowadays with musical genres crossing over so much ... I think it's such a cool time where just so many artists are sharing the same fans. With Echosmith, since we have done a few shows with them, I've really noticed that a lot of our fans know who both bands are. It's going to be interesting to see how both bands work together. We've been out with OneRepublic and the Script, and they've been out on Warped Tour all summer. It'll be really interesting to see how the crowds come together."

We couldn't agree more. Check out the exclusive interview above!