August 26, 2014


Austin Mahone Talks Jamiroquai, Working with Pitbull & His Upcoming Debut Album

Austin Mahone might be young, but his words prove he's wise beyond his years. "It’s just a marathon," the teen philosophized in this Fuse exclusive. "I feel like all my life has been that way. It’s a lot of hard work and everything’s slow but eventually you’ll get there. Right now I’m just putting out songs and I’m touring and I just think the more years to come the bigger [my music] is going to be."

Not one to get ahead of himself, Mahone knows he's still at the beginning on career—but it's a promising one. His biggest hit, "MMM Yeah," features Pitbull. "My managers know him very well and we all live in Miami so they kind of had that easy hookup! He kind of just took me under his wing," Mahone explained. "He’s really, really smart, very talented."

The video for "MMM Yeah" recalls Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity" video, where the British funk/acid jazz musician dances around a perfectly cubed, futuristic chamber. "We built a room and the room kept moving around. I ran into the wall a couple of times, ha!" the singer laughed.

The song is the lead single from The Secret EP, a successful release that surprised even Mahone. "It was number one on iTunes for the first three days and that was pretty amazing. That was the first time anything went number one for me on iTunes. A lot of my fans seem to love it. I was just putting it out there as a little thing I was working on for my fans but my real project that I’m working on is after the tour when I make my first full-length album."

"The EP was just a little project, throwing it out there. I’m excited because I’m working with Max Martin [known for his work with Taylor Swift] and a bunch of different talented people. I think my first album is going to be really, really amazing," Mahone continued. "I don’t have any plans for tour after this one, yet, but like I said, my main focus is just getting that album done and getting that out. I’m sure I’m going to do little shows here and there but that’s pretty much the main focus right now."

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