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August 14, 2014


Bebe Rexha Discusses Her Solo Career & The Therapeutic Powers of Music

You might remember Bebe Rexha as the frontwoman in Black CardsPete Wentz's short-lived project during Fall Out Boy's initial hiatus. The vocal vixen is back with a solo career, and she's learned a lot. "It's funny: being in the music business or life in general, you always want somebody to give you the answer," Rexha told Fuse. "I think the biggest thing that I've learned is that you've got to find the answer yourself."

Performing alone is something the singer has learned to appreciate. "The positive thing about being a solo artist is that you get to create your own canvas," she said. "You get to paint your own canvas. The way that you look [is something] you get to choose. You get to pick your own sound and style and write your own lyrics. When you're in a band you have to make sure you're making everybody else happy. The only negative is that sometimes it can get a little lonely on the road. When you're in a band it's a little more exciting because you're in a band with your friends. You can't mess up. If you mess up, all eyes are on you."

It can lead to a lot of pressure, which is why Rexha views music as a form of therapy. "It was hard when I first got dropped from my first record deal," she revealed. "You have all these dreams. When you're younger, you think when something doesn't go through ... you think your life is over. It's do or die. I did get really bummed. I'd sit at home. I'd sit in front of my computer and just write songs, sixteen, eighteen hours a day. I'd sit at my computer and literally just pour out all of my emotions to get my mind away from all the other pain that was inside of me. That's where the song 'The Monster' came from. I wrote a song, 'I'm Going to Show You Crazy,' about my trip to see a therapist because I was so bummed. She was trying to prescribe me all these meds, and I said, 'No, absolutely not.' I had music. I think music is the most powerful thing in the universe. 

"For me it's one of the only things that can take away pain," she added. "When I put my headphones on it's like nothing else exists. It's just me and the sounds. Music is a beautiful thing."

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