August 19, 2014


Boy George Goes Deep on Culture Club's Reunion, Album & Tours

Just last week, classic new wave band Culture Club announced they had reunited their original lineup for a new album and tour. It was a major update from the British act who were the first band since The Beatles to have three songs from their debut album ("Do You Really Want to Hurt Me," "Time (Clock of the Heart)" and "I'll Tumble 4 Ya") reach the Top 10 of Billboard's Hot 100. Lead singer Boy George stopped by Fuse HQ to give us an in-depth chat about how it came together.

"I'm not a nostalgia act," the singer/songwriter/DJ says. "People come up to me and say, 'Oh, you were my era!' I'm like, 'Honey, this is still my era.' I'm 53 years old, I still got stuff to say ... I actually met up with [drummer] Jon [Moss] and put the idea to him and he literally was like, 'Really?!?' They assumed I would never want to work with them again [Laughs] I think that might have been the last thing I said to them. 

"The best way to explain it is, in the last few years I've been really getting my house in order. I've been making a lot of changes and doing things differently. Culture Club was like a room in my house that was unloved, that needed some TLC. I felt that we had a unique opportunity to rewrite the ending because the other ending wasn't so great."

George is likely referring to Culture Club's commercial decline in the mid-to-late '80s that led to the band breaking up, partly attributed to the singer's drug addiction. But after getting his "house" in order, the singer says he's put the act back on course ("If I'm together, the whole thing is together") and found that getting the original lineup onboard was key to making this upcoming LP the "best thing we've ever done."

George explains, "I do think any band is a sum of its parts. That's why when you see a great band and they replace the singer or they get someone to play drums, it never quite works. It has to be the real people."

Watch the full interview above for more on the new album, live shows and much more. George has confirmed that more Culture Club tour dates are on the way for 2015, but see below for the North American tour dates that've already been announced:

Nov. 15: Rancho Mirage, CA (Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa)
Nov. 17: Oakland, CA (Fox Theater)
Nov. 19: Los Angeles, CA (Shrine Auditorium)
Nov. 22: Las Vegas, NV (The Pearl)
Nov. 25: New York, NY (Beacon Theatre)
Nov. 28: Atlantic City, NJ (Etess Arena)