August 11, 2014


Chris Martin Opens Up About 'Ghost Stories' and Songwriting

It seems as though the emotional dust has finally settled since Coldplay's Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow famously "consciously uncoupled," and the Britrock champion has had a new album and scores of live performances to keep him busy since their split. Ghost Stories offers up dance tracks (like the Avicii-assisted "Sky Full of Stars") and slow jams ("Magic," which has been covered by both Brandy and Rita Ora at this point) in equal measure, and according to Martin, people either love the record or hate it. He isn't really listening to what the critics have to say about Ghost Stories as the album is exactly the one Coldplay felt compelled to make.

"It's a strange one," he says of Coldplay's sixth and latest record. "I don't feel the need to praise or defend it. It's something that we had to do in the line of our albums, so I don't really think of the reception to it."

In this Fuse exclusive, Martin dove into the creative process, outlining the way he and his bandmates craft new Coldplay songs. "Music, to me, comes from somewhere that I can't really explain," he says. "I don't know if anything's ever easy to write. Sometimes, songs come through, and you're like, 'Where did that come from?!' and you're blessed if that happens. The recording of them is always tricky, even if it's stripped down or 80 instruments, because often with a song that ends up being stripped down, we've tried it in 55 other ways. We've managed to make the recording process very complicated, even on the simple songs!"

The same goes for "True Love," one of Ghost Stories more unconventional singles. "Sometimes we'll pick a single knowing that it doesn't really fit into how singles should sound or do sound," he says of the track. "Our whole philosophy, especially recently, has been to follow our gut feeling. If we feel like this record needs to be a bit smaller and shouldn't tour it, then we follow it, and we worry about the consequences afterwards. I think choosing 'True Love' as a single is probably the same kind of thing. Somehow for me it completes the trio of things that we want to represent the album."

Sounds like the frontman found a bit of closure in between his own songs. Watch this Fuse exclusive to learn more about Martin's connection to his own music and what's next for Coldplay.