August 20, 2014


Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Talk About Being French On Warped Tour

Each year Warped Tour boasts a sonically diverse lineup, one that evolves alongside the ever-changing musical climate. Even still, the majority of the Warped bands are overwhelmingly American. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are the odd men out in this regard, crafting pop-punk from their native Paris.

"When we first started to tour in the U.S. the language barrier was very hard to deal with but I don't know," vocalist Bertrand "Bert" Poncet tells Fuse. "We feel like ... our merch stand is all blue, white and red like the big French flag. Here we are! We're kind of proud to be from France because we feel it's kind of different. At the same time we have to kind of deal with the language barrier and stuff like that. It's getting better. My English is getting better now."

The band's latest album is titled Pardon My French, and it isn't necessarily meant to isolate U.S. listeners. "France is a weird country," Bert explains. "We have to be famous somewhere else to be famous in our home country. It's kind of weird to get people's attention in France. People are not into this kind of music."

Guitarist Paul Cordebard agrees. "There's no rock music on the radio. There's no rock magazine ... actually there's one, but it's super small. It used to be bigger before. We had Rock Sound and stuff in France but not any more. It's dying. It's really sad, unfortunately."

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