August 28, 2014


Watch DJ Mustard Blind Taste-Test Mustard (Or Do The Most Meta Thing Ever)

We're mad we didn't think of it, truly: Mass Appeal blindfolded DJ Mustard and had the beat genius/hitmaker sample a few different flavors of mustard in an impromptu taste-test.

Condiments are just about as king as this guy's penchant for killer collaborations, so it's nice to see him taking a break from the studio to get a little silly. It turns out DJ Mustard's not the hugest fan of spicy flavors, and he dubbed the baller classic—Grey Poupon—the winner. (Honestly, we would've offered a variety of different dippables beyond pretzels, but hey, snacks are snacks.)

Watch DJ Mustard's super-meta taste test above, and spin his latest record, 10 Summers (featuring 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Jeezy and more) on August 26.