August 7, 2014


Estelle Shares Stories of 'True Romance' Singles "Conqueror," "Make Her Say"

Estelle is gearing up to drop her fourth full-length album True Romance, her first in more than two years. The British songbird told Fuse about her new record that's "about the search for something that was true and real" and gave the backstory behind its two bangin' singles. 

The super-racy "Make Her Say" was the first taste of True Romance. "'Make Her Say' was not me at all rebelling," she said of her single, where she coos for her man to "beat the p-ssy up." "My parents were quite strict in the sense of 'respect yourself' and in the sense of 'have integrity and be who you are, once you are commited to it.'

"I actually called my mum right before "Make Her Say" came out, and I was like, 'So Ma, I have this record. It's really sexual. Even more sexual than 'Freak'... and she goes, 'Look, you're 34. If you're not having sex right now, I'm worried. You're all right.'"

While "Make Her Say" may be an anthem for the freaks in bed, the GRAMMY winner eyed follow-up single "Conqueror" as an anthem for everyone

"I went in at the end of my [True Romance] studio sessions with a group of New York producers," she recalls of the track's early stages. "I was talking to them about how much I wanted a record that felt really big and worldly... I want something that encapsulates everything, almost like a ballad, something that everyone can relate to. They played this record and I said, 'That's it! Tweak it, but that's it! That's the one!' It felt like magic. That's the feeling I get when a song is special to me."

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