August 13, 2014


Every Time I Die Want to Make Music to Terrify Children

Every Time I Die have been a band for sixteen years now, roughly the age of many of Warped Tour's attendees. With seven full-length albums out, these dudes have been around the block a couple times. 

"Look at how hot it is out here! They deserve something!" frontman Keith Buckley exclaims, revealing why they chose to drop From Parts Unknown, their latest album, while out on Warped this year. "It's not a complete 180 ... I think if you've been a fan of Every Time I Die it's exactly what you want. It's what you need. It's what people who aren't fans of Every Time I Die need to make them fans of Every Time I Die."

Most fascinating is Buckley's motivation to make music in the first place, which is pretty closely tied to freaking kids out.

"The thing about it is I don't think making music that doesn't challenge people is doing any good," he says. "I think if you give them something different they get scared at first because they're not used to it and then they'll adjust appropriately." The first time he ever felt this way was after listening to Converge. "[The song] was off of Petitioning the Empty Sky. I don't remember the name. It was probably the first one my friend put on. We went snowboarding and I was like, 'This is awful, it's terrifying.' Lo and behold, that becomes my life. I eventually fell in love with it."