August 25, 2014


Watch Fenech-Soler Clone Themselves in Their "Last Forever" Video

You know that "too many cooks in the kitchen" saying, the one that stresses how it's sometimes best to keep the number of people involved in a particular project to a minimum? Yeah, Fenech-Soler did pretty much the opposite of that with their video for "Last Forever," the single off their latest record, Rituals.

In this exclusive video premiere, the English indie-pop quartet head to an expansive, empty stage, which they quickly fill up with clones of themselves playing their instruments. At first, the band sticks to drumming, strumming, bass-picking and taking the mic for a walk, two by two. Then, different objects start showing up onstage with them (a globe, some balloons, some bright blue juice), and "Last Forever" goes from being a catchy, euphoric dance track to a surreal piece of performance art in three minutes flat.

"We wanted to make a performance video with a twist that incorporated one continuous camera movement and that took influence from films such as Clock Work Orange," the band told Fuse. "Our good friend and director Luke Bellis masterminded an intricate floor plan of sequences that meant we could create doubles of ourselves that performed and interacted with each other... the whole time the camera rotating 360 degrees. It was the most fun we've had making a music video, and we're really proud of the end result. We hope you enjoy it!"

Rituals is out August 26 in the U.S., and Fenech-Soler can be found touring stateside through September 29.