August 28, 2014


What G-Eazy Learned From Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz on Tour

Without major-label backing, G-Eazy has snagged himself incredible opportunities positioning him as the next indie-rap sensation a la Macklemore. One of those moments came last fall when he opened for Lil Wayne's America’s Most Wanted tour alongside 2 ChainzT.I. and French Montana. The California native reflects on what he learned from touring with the hip hop heavyweights.

"First off, I got to say 2 Chainz has one of the best shows I've ever seen," he says. "One conversation we had, he was like, 'People get it twisted. I'm an entertainer. I put on a show for people.' He so clearly knows what he does and who he is, and he does it so well. When he's on stage it's just so genuine. 

"That's all of them. Here's the thing: None of this happens by accident. You might catch a hit and it might land in your lap if you sit around waiting for it. But you don't get as far as they have by accident ... Being the kid that's coming up who got the chance to open a tour like that, the best thing I could do was watch. They're right there if you just watch. You watch, learn, take your notes and study the greats."

The 25-year-old also booked studio time with his his idol E-40 of "Rapper's Ball" and "U and Dat" fame.

"E-40, genuinely, is the man," G-Eazy says of the veteran rapper. "He didn't have to open his doors to me and invite me over to his house to work on music. Getting to work with him on the 'Far Alone' record (off G-Eazy's debut album These Things Happen, below) was crazy, just hearing his voice on my song. I went to his house last week and worked in his studio on a record for him. And it was crazy getting to vibe and create with someone I've idolized for so long. It's just inspiring that he's down to work with the youngsters. He's been in the game so long and he's so wise, you hang out with him and just soak it all up. He was just the coolest person ever."

Watch the full interview above to see how the rapper describes his sound and more. Then listen to "Far Alone" featuring E-40 and rapper/producer Jay Ant below.