August 19, 2014


Check Out Gerard Way's Totally '80s "No Shows" Video

Since My Chemical Romance's disbandment early last year, frontman Gerard Way has kept busy. He's been working on solo material for quite some time now, recording tracks that bring out his Brit pop influences. "I'd chase that stuff in My Chemical Romance," the frontman told NME. "Now I was able to really draw out what I loved about Supergrass, the stuff I loved about Blur, the stuff that I loved about Pulp, especially This Is Hardcore, that album. The stuff I loved about Lush, Elastica, it's all in there. Even older stuff like Wire, Gang of Four." 

Now that we've seen this delightfully '80s music video for "No Shows," we know he wasn't exaggerating. 

The clip shows Gerard and his band (called the Hormones) on some retro television program called Pink Station Zero. Way does his best Jarvis Cocker impression while his band plays around him. For any Britpop fans out there, it recalls the glory days of Top Of The Pops.

"No Shows" is vastly different from anything My Chem ever did, so here's hoping his new album is equally as diverse.

Watch the vintage vid above!